Rose Festival 2019

A stall on the field during Goostrey Rose Day provided an excellent opportunity for FOGS to celebrate the renovation of the building at Goostrey station. In addition, two competitions generated £93. FOGS members are grateful that the prizes of a cuddly polar bear and a Family Rover Ticket for Northern Rail were both donated.  Despite the hot weather, there was plenty of interest from our community. Hopefully more people will soon join FOGS and help us to continue to make improvements at our station. 

On display during Rose Day were photos of the Victorian, wooden, modular ticket office and waiting room before and after the refurbishment.  The central picture featured the four workmen in their orange overalls. Their task was challenging and they deserve recognition for the excellent job that they did!  They repaired the roof and replaced over 200 slates; they re-boarded the canopy; they laid new felt and lined the existing box gutter; they replaced and painted the majority of the external timber cladding; they replaced the windows; they repaired and re-flashed the brick plinth; they commissioned two replacement ornamental brackets for the canopy; and they refurbished the internal fittings including floors, walls, ceilings and electrics. 

FOGS stall at Rose Day 2019 1.jpg
FOGS stall at Rose Day 2019 3.jpg